Mr Wonderboy Manzini

Mr Wonderboy Manzini


Masemanzi Mining Holdings

Wonderboy was born in Mpumanlanga the place of the rising sun, is the Chairman and CEO of Masemanzi mining Zimbabwe, Masemanzi mining Lesotho and  Masemanzi Mining Holdings, it is a 100% black owned mining company established with the aim to be an industry leader providing highly effective turnkey solutions in the coal mining industry. Manzini has been at the helm of Masemanzi Mining Holdings after making the tough decision to leave the comfort of corporate world. That is when Masemanzi was born. With experience spanning over 20 years in the mining industry, his a mechanical engineer and hold a mechanical diploma in engineering.

Wonderboy started working for Anglo American as an apprentice, then joined exxaro as head of maintenance and later joined Eskom as a maintenance manager, in nutshell Wonderboy started from humble beginnings and climb the ladder of success over the years.

He started Masemanzi mining holdings in the year 2011 after he resigned from a full-time employment at Eskom. He started by doing coal trading, meaning that he was buying and selling coal to a domestic market. He knew he had to start somewhere and start small.

Wonderboy admits that coal mining had always been his first love and this was more than enough to ignite and inspire him to wake up every morning just to buy coal only to look for potential buyers he would sell to later on.

Today, Wonder operates more than four coal mines and through his company they beneficiates and sells coal.